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Olen Cesari is considered one of the greatest violinists in the world. An eclectic and virtuoso composer of the violin, he is an extraordinary artist, equipped with the so-called "absolute listening" that allows him to enter the notes that have not been heard before, without being read first. Born in Albania, Durres and an Italian citizenship, he is considered "the miracle child": Olen graduated at the Tirana Art Institute at age 14, and at age 17 with honors at Santa Cecilia (he is the youngest violinist that the history of the Roman Conservatory) following one year later at Mozarteum in Salzburg.
With his double passport, Olen is a globetrotte, authentic person who has played in great temples of world music, from the ancient Taormina theater in Konzerthouse Wiener in Vienna, from Carnegie Hall New York to the Auditorium Park della Musica in Rome, from the Le Palace of Paris at the RTVE Theater in Madrid. Among the most unique shows, it is the video on the shoulder of the Christ the Redeemer Statue, the first step of the ambitious project to discover the 7 wonders of the new world. I have also performed for the heads of state, as well as in the presence of Pope John Paul II, Ratzinger and Pope Francis. A sensible and versatile composer, he is able to give emotions through all genres of music, from class to pop, jazz to rock, from dance music to world music.
Cesari is one of the special cases of integration in a community and a foreign country. Present and close to the topics of immigrants, he gave his group the provocative name 'The International Clandestine Orchestra' to highlight the different origins of each member of the group and to remember the difficulties faced by immigrants to convert to Italian citizens.
Heedful to social problems, Olen has carried out important charitable works, including a charity event promoted by Microsoft's father Paul Allen, along with stars such as Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Lucio Dalla considered Olen Cesari 'the genius of the violin'. The great pianist of Bologna is one of the many artists who loved to be on stage or in a recording studio with Olen: from Bob Dylan to Michel Petrucciani, from Lenny Kravitz to Maroon 5, Sheryl Crow to Sergio Cammariere, Franco Califano to Claudio Baglioni, by Simone Cristicchi (his violin is in the notes of "I will give you a rose", winner of Sanremo Festival in 2007) to Alessandro Mannarino, from Inva Mula to Anna Oxa & Zucchero. With the latter, there is unforgettable performance at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.
Among the most popular performances of Olen, is the participation in the All Star Soul Show in New York at the Carnegie Hall theater with three shows, the only American Show with superstar such as Yolanda Adams, Shirley Cezar and Dionne Warwick, with the orchestra's 100 elements of Harlem and 200 elements of the choir along with Maestro Ray Chew.
With his inseparable electric violin, he conquer the most important scenes in the world such as the Eurofestival, in Italy plays at the most popular events, starting from the Sanremo Festival at the Concert of "Primo Maggio" to Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.
Olen is thrilled by the Orient. From this mutual love, he had to concretize the idea of ??recording the first concert with panoramic 360 degree video at the Arts Center in Bangkok, where for the first time the public can see and feel what the artist sees on the stage. Also in Bangkok, Siam Paragon, his dedication set in three successive concerts before the first co-production with China in 2017 was born. He has played in various theaters and art centers for the Italian Government and Chinese Government and returns for the eighth time in a single year in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Meishan, literally magnified by China and its incredible theaters such as the Guotai Arts Center in Chongqing and the Museum of Modern Art in Chengdu. He was invited as a special guest at the Meishan festival by the Chinese government and also plays at the famous Kerry Palace in Beijing. Even the Air China company "Wings of China" devotes an article of talent and mastery, elegance to Olen with a three-page article.
Regardless of the great success around the world, Olen is strongly associated with his Albanian roots and with his naturalized country, Italy. He chooses Tirana to record a DVD in 2017, during a major concert at the Congress Palace. In the same period Olen also participates in the program "The Voice of Albania" as a special guest. During a permanent tour, Caesar continues to visit the world with his group, performing concerts in the US, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, France, but also Vietnam, Thailand and Kazakhstan and has performed for various presidents and heads of state.
Olen Cesari's performances are a popular musical journey around the world, through a mix of voices and colors, among the most famous pieces of international music and her original production collected on the album 'Unexpected', which immediately after the release was positioned in the first place in the iTunes ranking in the section of Italy/World Music. The list of songs contains nine major classical pieces and four unknown songs with the collaboration of great musicians and performers.
One of the pearls from the album is "Anema e Core" with the voice of Lucio Dalla and the piano played by Sergio Cammariere.
Live is an opportunity to enjoy the great and creative repertoire of Cesari, which with great intensity and with the rare talents that collaborate, accompany the viewer on a musical journey that spurs, enchants and embraces emotionally. From the notes of "Dancing Hungarian" by Johannes Brahms, passing through Rossin's Tarantella in a rise of sounds and rhythms, and up to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix: a comprehensive show in the waves of music.
From the most recent evaluations and honors that has been given to Olen Cesari is the European Community in 2012 for promoting artistic activities in Europe and the award 'Ischia Music Global Award' in 2014.
Cesari strongly believes that music is an universal tool to perceive peace, friendship, brotherhood between peoples and believes that the "One Belt, One Road" initiative can include its goal of universality on the cultural front. That's why he expressed the desire to serve as the Ambassador of "One Belt, One Road" in the world.