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OLEN CESARI   1. Csàrdàs Monti - Hungary
2. Anema e core - Italy - feat. L. Dalla and S. Cammariere
3. A Kanë Ujë Ato Burime - Albania - feat.Elsa Lila
4. Dervish - Turkey
5. Dreamtime - Australia - feat. Tony Levin
6. Kalinka - Russia
7. Sweet Georgia Brown - USA - feat. Fabrizio Bosso
8. Shaka - Ivory Coast - feat. Jack Tama
9. Hava Nagila - Israel
10. Libertango - Argentina
11. Águas de Março - Brasil - feat. Rosalia De Souza
12. Guantanamera - Cuba - feat. Shama Milan
13. Om Namah Shivaya - India - feat. Massimo Di Cataldo
Unexpected - Olen Cesari
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A musical journey around the world
featuring:  Lucio Dalla, Sergio Cammariere, Fabrizio Bosso, Elsa Lila
Massimo Di Cataldo, Tony Levin and Rosalia De Souza
“Unexpected”, the first album of the whimsical violinist OLEN CESARI, is indeed an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  As you listen to his music that conjures up faraway enchanted places, your imagination takes flight and you are off on an imaginary journey like a child spinning a world globe, randomly placing a finger on a spot and imagining the wonders to be found there.
Olen himself, who has delighted many audiences with his stage performances with his Quintet, seems to have stepped straight out of a fairy tale, part elf, part wizard, angel, gypsy. Undoubtedly a generous violinist, he plays from the heart with a virtuosity that has no need for contrived technicalities and an often dreamlike evocativeness, at times lyric, with sudden, quasi-frenzied changes of rhythm, enthralling and highly talented. Everything about him vibrates, leaps and dances. Olen Cesari takes his rightful place in a magical musical crystal sphere from which anything can emerge. He verges on ingeniousness, he’s astounding, unclassifiable, beyond any philological connotation.
  This disc, absolutely and deliberately choral, is what one might call an “extreme” multifaceted journey which follows a train of thought, memories, not simply a pathway traced on a map. Its beauty lies in its total lack of homogeneity; it transports you from one land to another, from one people to another, each with their own particular culture and music. A journey with neither compass nor luggage, just a backpack and your imagination free to take flight and transport you anywhere with concern for neither distances nor borders.  
Nine traditional classics and four original tracks, all composed and arranged by Olen, take us to various countries around the world, perhaps those dearest to the musician’s heart, an intrinsic part of him which influence and enrich his music. Hungary, Italy, Albania, Turkey, Russia, the USA, Ivory Coast, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, India… a kaleidoscope of expeditions into the very heart of these nations, explorations accompanied by voices and musicians of the highest calibre.
Italy offers one of the album’s most outstanding tracks, “Anema e core”, Salvatore D’Esposito’s Neapolitan classic. Olen has transformed it into a masterpiece of rare beauty with the help of the lyrical, vibrant and animistic piano of Sergio Cammariere, one of the most compelling musicians in Italy’s music scene, and the inspired voice of an extraordinary Lucio Dalla. A touching piece where the counterpoint of the violin becomes mellow, an unusual trio of excellence that offers an original rendering of this well-known song.
The journey continues through imaginary landscapes with the splendid voice of the ambassadress of Albanian song, Elsa Lila, and we find ourselves in Olen Cesari ’s motherland, Albania.
The next track takes us to the States with a lively rippling rendering of  “Sweet Georgia Brown”, featuring an exceptional guest and his extraordinary trumpet, Fabrizio Bosso who, along with Olen on his violin, offers an exuberant Charleston that will enchant all lovers of classical jazz.
The version of “Libertango”, the celebrated work of the great Argentine composer Astor Piazzola, is a yearning track marked by a very particular sound, where the soulful wails of Olen’s violin accompany and take flight along with Daniele Di Bonaventura’s bandoneon
  The musicians and voices that accompany Olen Cesari as he journeys from one universe to another, are of the highest calibre. In addition to the already mentioned illustrious guests we find the splendid voice of Rosalia De Souza, in Carlos Jobim’s “Aguas de Março”, Shama Milan, Massimo Di Cataldo, the Lord of the bass Tony Levin, and a group of musicians who are among the best around today - Luca Bulgarelli on bass, Amedeo Ariano on drums, Michele Ascolese on guitar, Simone Haggiag, Jack Tama, Bruno Marcozzi on percussions and others. Talented musicians who put themselves to the test in a great variety of sounds and rhythms, at times exotic, performed with the traditional instruments of all the places “visited” and the countries explored.  
What emerges above all is Olen Cesari’s incredible versatility, an ever-changing imaginative ability to play anything with anyone passing effortlessly from the frenetic Hungarian rhythms of the opening track to the delicate poetic strains of other works on the album. An eclectic highly talented musician who, although still young and at his first CD, has twenty years of musical experience behind him, a prestigious career during which he has collaborated with international names and received many awards and  acknowledgments. Olen was born with music in his veins and an inborn capacity to improvise, but it is above all his light-heartedness and profound modesty which make each and every note freed as if by magic from his violin great, compassionate, passionate, dulcet and sincere. A soul-inspired violin, almost an extension of Olen’s very being.