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OLEN CESARI "Anema e core"
Official Video
feat. Lucio Dalla e Sergio Cammariere - director: Jan Michelini

"Anema e Core" is one of the absolute gems of the album "Unexpected". Classical song of the Neapolitan repertoire by S. D'Esposito, Olen Cesari has turned it into a masterpiece of rare beauty, using the lyrical and animistic piano of Sergio Cammariere and the voice of Lucio Dalla who always surprises for its intensity and inspiration.

This beauty is also found in the video where the director Jan Michelini stabs things with a completely new look and brings us back to the "splendor of truth."
Images that are a sort of personal expression, pages of a diary, capturing that moment where the future and the present become reality in an endless moment, leaving us suspended in the enchantment of a look that deeply touched.

  OLEN CESARI "Live"  
  International Clandestine Orchestra